Pics! Nicki Minaj Has a Major Nip Slip on Good Morning America 

Good morning indeed. What better way to start your day and perk up your brain than with Nicki Minaj’s tittays? Or at least about two thirds of the left one – the important two thirds. In about 30 minutes Nicki’s going to release a statement about how mortified she was. All those kids watching her nip bouncing around in Central Park. And in about 31 minutes, I’m going to call bullsh*t on that statement. This was a classic planned wardrobe malfunction if I ever saw one. She might as well have had some nip jewelry and just gone for it.
So far Nicki’s only clear comment on Twitter was “LIFE. U guys just gave me LIFE. I love u Team Minaj! Words could never do this love justice! Thank u @Gma!!!!! Honored. YMCMB.” So she’s not going to acknowledge her wayward nip at this point. Though she did retweet thecomment, “my crush on @nickiminaj increased today . . . no particular reason . . . just did . . ” and added a “Ha!”
When in doubt, bring the nipples out.
All the pics in the gallery are SFW. To see the Social Gossip versions, click the links below:

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