Thursday, February 17, 2011

Leighton Meester's Mom Accused of Making Death Threats

Gossip Girl's soapy plotlines got nothing on the oft-sordid real-life saga of Leighton Meester's mother.
A California woman has obtained a temporary restraining order against Constance Meester, claiming she has been making death threats against both the woman and her minor son.
So what's the deal?
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Last week a Los Angeles judge granted Laurel Wigg's request for the stay-away order after she claimed that Constance "is an addict and has made a threat to kill" her and her son.
Wigg claimed that Mama Meester threatened to "hunt down and kill" both herself and her son in an incident that occurred on Jan. 21.
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Per the documents, Wigg also quoted Meester as saying she was going "to f--k us up," and says that the star's mother didn't stop there, going on to leave a subsequently distressing voice mail message.
It remains unclear why or under what circumstances the threats were lobbed, though Wigg writes in the court documents that she knows Meester because their "children go to the same school."
Leighton has two known brothers, one older, Douglas, and one younger, Lex, though it's unclear if either of them go to school alongside Wiggs' son.
Meester's mother has a history of getting into trouble with the law, having famously spent 10 years of Leighton's childhood in prison for her part in a drug smuggling ring. There has been no comment from either Constance or Leighton on these latest allegations.
Regardless, the restraining order will remain in place until Feb. 10, 2012.

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