Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fellow Winner Russell Brand on Team Charlie Sheen!

Russell Brand was honored with Cosmopolitan's Fun Fearless Male award last night, and wasn't afraid to give props to another very daring dude: Charlie Sheen.
When asked about reports that Charlie was dying to hijack Russell's recent Saturday Night Live appearance, the Brit comic (who really was winning last night) said he wouldn't have minded.
"I believe that is true," Russell told reporters at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, "I love Charlie Sheen. He's a good bloke."
As for what wife Katy Perry, who's busy on tour, thinks of his latest accolade?
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"For all I know, she's not expressed an opinion," he told reporters cryptically.
Katy actually did weigh in before the show last night via Twitter.
"Tonight I am being awarded by Cosmo for being fun and fearless. But punished by the cosmos for being a terrified drag," he first wrote, before adding, "@katyperry in your honour I shall go as a drag-queen, I'm going to raid your make-up bag. X".
"@rustyrockets don't be a drag just be a queen!" she responded.
We did see Russell race outside to take what seemed like an important phone call right before the awards show started, so maybe he was catching up with his wifey then.
Fellow Cosmo honoree Mila Kunis doesn't ever discuss her personal life, including her former relationship with Macaulay Culkin, but Russell wasn't afraid while accepting his award.
"When I first met Mila, she acted like she had a boyfriend, which irritated me because I tried to chat her up," he told the audience, "Then she told me it's the lad from Home Alone...and then she's out there lezzing it up!"
He was, of course, referring to her Black Swan girl-on-girl scenes with Natalie Portman.
Not that Russell objects to any same-sex action...female or male.
"We no longer have homophobia...unless you're stupid," he told the crowd.
Also getting Fun, Fearless props at the star-studded awards hosted by E!'s own Catt Sadler: Chris Hemsworth, Penn Badgley and Ian Somerhalder.
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