Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Five Things to Know About Charlie Sheen's Mystery Daughter

We've heard a lot about Charlie Sheen's daughters with Denise Richards, and his twin sons with Brooke Mueller. But did you know he has a grown-up, married daughter, who was born when he was only 19?
Well, he does—and he's been active in her life. Not much has been written about her...until now, that is.
Here's five things to know about 26-year-old Cassandra Estevez:
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1. Charlie Walked Her Down the Aisle When She Married Her High School Sweetheart: Proud dad Charlie gave Cassandra away when she tied the knot with her childhood beau Casey Huffman last year in Santa Barbara. "He had a big smile on his face," People reported. Coincidentally, Cassandra's mother, Paula Speert, was a high school girlfriend of Charlie's.
2. Charlie Was Supportive of Her Acting Endeavors: When Cassandra was in theater productions during college at Loyola Marymount University in L.A., Charlie came to campus to watch shows and support his daughter, a source tells E! News.
3. Both Her Parents Made Headlines for Ugly Incidents in NYC Hotel Rooms: Grandfather Martin Sheen was on-hand when Paula was in court to defend herself against assault allegations that she pummeled business partner Paige Snear Apar in a Gotham hotel room. The suit claimed that Paula "suddenly, viciously, intentionally and maliciously struck [Paige] in the face with a wine glass that shattered and caused significant lacerations and bruises around and above [Paige's] right eye." The case was eventually dismissed.
4. She Was Friendly With Sheen's Ex-Wife Brooke Mueller: Before Charlie and Brooke's divorce and custody battle, Cassandra attended an Emmy gift suite with Brooke back in 2007. The two looked like BFFs as they scored swag and posed for pics.
5. Despite Recent Events, His Daughter Supports Charlie. "I love my dad is really all I can say right now," Cassandra told E! News when contacted. "This is not my time to come forward. Someday I will, but not now."
—Additional reporting by Katie Rhames and Drusilla Moorhouse
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