Thursday, March 10, 2011

How Does Sarah Palin Feel About Julianne Moore?

Move over, Tina Fey. There's a new Sarah Palin impressionist in town. And on that same note, move over, Kathy Griffin. There's a new Hollywood redhead set to antagonize (inadvertently, this time) the Palin clan.
Believe it or not, Julianne Moore has been cast as the onetime vice presidential hopeful in Game Change, HBO's new film chronicling John McCain's (spoiler alert—if you've just come out of a three-year coma) ultimately unsuccessful 2008 presidential run.
So what does Palin think of her newest doppelgänger?
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Unsurprisingly, Palin has issued a no-comment on the casting coup (though we're thinking she should be pretty flattered), and, just as unsurprisingly, Moore's camp has only gone so far as to confirm that the openly left-leaning Oscar nominee has accepted the role, but issued no other comment. And while much has and will be made about their political differences, um, it's called acting for a reason, people.
So far, none of the other parts have been cast, but expect some more WTF moments in your future: the roles still open include that of McCain, Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama, among others. Maybe the president's wish for Will Smith to play him will come true after all?
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