Monday, March 14, 2011

So True? So False? Is That Usher Sex Tape for Real?!

OMG indeed. Is Usher joining the ranks of Paris Hilton, Colin Farrell, Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian? That's what an increasing number of reports would have us believe.
The latest and most convincing one yet certainly appears to be confirmation that Usher got his on-camera freak on with then-wife Tameka Foster as the purported footage from the video is being previewed and offered up for sale around town.
That someone is seeking to profit off of peddling the tape seems legit. The question now is whether the tape is really Usher or just some lookalike. Should the footage be legit, it would already be several years old at least, as Justin Bieber's mentor has been flying solo since filing for divorce in June 2009.
But could it be true? Has Usher learned from previous stars' mistakes or did he really put his business on camera? Get ready to hit pause, because this rumor is…
So true!
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Usher is conveniently touring out of the country and has not commented on the reports, but Tameka, never one to shy away from the spotlight (even when it's being covered by a night vision lens, apparently) has decided to end the rumors—by seemingly confirming them.
"NEWSFLASH!! BREAKING NEWS! GUESS WHAT??!!" Foster tweeted this morning. "I have copulated w/my husband! O_O. Why is this news again?? #ConfusedTweet. End of discussion."
Well, Tameka, the news is not that you copulated with you ex-husband. The news is that you did so on camera and that said copulation may will (who are we kidding here, this is inevitable) soon be splashed around the Internet.
A little while later, after fielding questions from her followers about the tape, she tweeted, "Is all of America like that town in Footloose??? LOL…"
And then came her seemingly definitive confirmation of a tape, when told by a fan that they wouldn't watch the tape. Rather than deny that a tape existed, she replied with the following:
"Yes, I cant stress over what I cant change. Hey I was married, happily. So theres a chance that we might…Its silly 'news' 2 me."
However, perhaps out to cover her tracks, she released a more formal statement to this morning, saying that she is not behind the sex tape's release, and while she also said she doesn't sanction its existence in the ether, she again didn't exactly deny that it does exist.
"Yes, I have had sex with my husband. Multiple times," she said. "Would I sanction a sex tape being out? Absolutely not. I am a mother and entrepreneur. Sex tapes or pornography would not be my lane. I have no desire to be seen in that way."
That may no longer be her choice. Of course, the question remains, how did the tape get out there in the first place? Chalk this up to some bad luck (or really brilliant thieves). Back in 2009, Usher's car was broken into, with more than $1 million worth of fur, jewelry and (wait for it) electronics stolen. Among those items missing were two laptops, where, we're guessing, the footage was likely kept.
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