Saturday, April 2, 2011

Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger: Halle & Olivier Are Doomed! But What About ScarJo & Sean Penn?

Patti Stanger has a not-so-happy romance report. The next celeb couple she sees heading for splitsville?
"I say Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry," the Millionaire Matchmaker recently told us at the Bravo Upfront event in Hollywood. "Because that man's a f--king cheater!"
Yikes! We're assuming Stanger is referring to the alleged fling Martinez had with Israeli model Sirai Givaty while he was still dating singer Kylie Minogue back in 2006.
But what are her predictions for odd couple Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn...
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"That's going to be an interesting dynamic," she said. "She's a Sag, he's a Leo. That could last. He could be the older man, Calista Flockhart kind of syndrome thing. It could last if he's faithful. It could last."
Two other stars she sees working out:
"Jenny McCarthy and Bradley Cooper," Stanger says. "Because they're hot together. And I knew Renée Zellwegger and him would break up, I've seen them before together. Their energy's off."
And the celeb she most wants to help find love?
"Jessica Biel," Stanger says. But with which hot Hollywood hunk?
"I don't know yet," she admits. "I'd probably have to put her in dating detox and feel her out...You know, what happened to her, happens to every woman in America. We all get cheated on and we don't know it and they tell us one story when they're really doing another. And you can't sit there and be a bodyguard seven days a week."
Again, we're pretty sure Miss Stanger is talking about reports that Biel's ex Justin Timberlake may have been hooking up with his Friends With Benefits costar Mila Kunis before the couple split last month.
Either way, we're excited to see which of Stanger's love forecasts come true!
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