Monday, June 13, 2011

Eazzy Reveals it All

She is arguably one of the biggest female acts of all time, having cemented her place in a male dominated industry. Celebrity publicist, Radio/TV presenter and Showbiz journalist Quame Junior goes hard in a one-on-one exclusive interview with the Lynx Diva: Below is the interview::

1. How has it been for you so far...let’s talk about the ups and’s been a do you feel?

Eazzy: At the moment I feel fulfilled, there have been ups and downs though but that’s certainly a necessecity.  I’d be happy to share my peaks but it might take cut it short let me say GOD has been good to me!

2. Why are you still single or is there something you are not telling us?

Eazzy: LoL. Something like? haha. I haven’t focused on that aspect of my life yet..but whilst concentrating on my career am keeping a close eye on all guys..LoL!

3. So 5 nominations..and do you you feel it was unfair or you have been cheated?
Eazzy: I was disappointed but well there are other achievements one can have aside awards and I have achieved a lot especially winning the hearts of my special fans. I’m not the kind of person who lives through a moment for too long so it’s in the past now!

5. Like many other female artists here in Ghana, after the first year ...oblivion it is...what are you doing to stay on top?

Eazzy: I’m staying who I am! Yes there are many female artistes, but Eazzy will remain Eazzy and that’s what will sustain me. There is nothing better than being yourself

6. There is a new one you are promoting..."One Gal"..How well is that doing?
Eazzy:  (“smiles”)...It’s going great. It’s a smooth song for lovers; there is a beautiful video to it directed by Sony Addo. So far one gal is serving its purpose!

7. Are you just a party song maker.....looks like all your songs point in that direction?
Eazzy: No I’m not a party song maker..I have other songs on the twinkle album I haven't promoted yet. For now one gal is on promo and am sure you agree it’s nowhere close to a party song.

8. You have been linked with many male celebrities in and around Ghana, is it that you date these pple secretly and you are found out or they are misconceptions.

Eazzy: they are totally misconceptions!

9. Your first video....what happened? A lot of people thought it was wack?
Eazzy: Really? I never heard that. I still get props for “bo wonsem mame” video.
10. What is it with you and tattoos?
Eazzy: OMG!...I love them, it’s beautiful art and when it  makes sense it makes it more beautiful. I have four as at now and I’m still counting. I have a symbol of strength and endurance at the back of my neck, sankrit writing which means happiness at the inner wrist of my left hand, I’m highly favoured at the lower part of my left wrist and a twinkle at the back of my debut album was titled twinkle.

11. Where do you hangout, if you are not in the studio or on TV?
Eazzy: Oh mine ..I love my bedroom! It’s my favourite hangout. I love the beach too, the breeze is really refreshing and soothes me.

12. What do you do in your lesiure tyme?
Eazzy: I relax with my candy and popcorn and watch series and movies over and over again

13. Who do you see as competition in the industry?
Eazzy: No one absolutely no one but myself. I’m my own competition if you get what I mean.

14.Who would you want to work with globally?
Eazzy:  Starting from Ghana fortunately I have worked with a lot of Ghanaian artistes, can’t even mention names because that would a long list, the last artiste I worked with was our one and only Gyedu Blay Ambuley.

15. Which of the male celebrities would you want to date apart from  Reggie Rockstone?
Eazzy: I never said I wanted to date Reggie, I was asked whom I had a crush on and  chose him with specific reasons ; his personality, sucess, hardwork and the respect he’s earned plus he’s a married man isn’t he? LoL (Lots of Laugh).

16. If I should talk to you next year...what should we expect?
Eazzy: More successful than I stand now by God’s grace!

And your final words to your fans!!
Eazzy: Hey “Sosket” fans.. I love you all to are my motivation and right hand and for you, I will always be EAZZY BABY!!

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