Sunday, August 21, 2011

Taye Taiwo,Highest Paid Nigerian Player


According to, Taiwo has landed 12 million euros in a three-year contract and this is exclusive of bonuses and other benefits.
He will also receive a signing-on fee of 1.5 million euros.Ac Milan will also throw in a Maserati, the world famous stylish luxury sports car which could go for as much as $120,000.
His new pay works out at about 335,000 euros a month as against 80,000 he received at Olympic Marseille, and what he will pay less tax in Italy than what he paid in France.The tax in Italy is 15%, while in France it’s 33%.

He moved from Olympic Marseille a few months ago to Ac Milan where he got a big offer of over N18m weekly, 350,000 pounds, making it  N73m monthly. By the time we add the money he gets from endorsements, (which i am sure, he will get in droves) you can imagine how much he will be worth.

In the next three years, Taye would have earned a whooping N3bn excluding 13% tax.

After Taye comes Chelsea star Mikel Obi who gulps N16m weekly.

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