Monday, September 19, 2011

Lindsay Lohan's(LiLo) Mystery Man

Well well well....
It looks like someone is getting some much needed T-L-C. 

In between partying hard and defending sister Ali Lohan against facial plastic-surgery rumors, Lindsay Lohan has found the time to get up close and personal with a certain mystery man.
So who is he?Question...

That would be 39-year-old Vikram Chatwal, a multimillionaire hotelier, who created Vikram Chatwal Hotels, an independent group of luxury lodgings in well-known cities according to Eonline.
LiLo and her man friend were seen canoodling at his apartment after a night out partying in New York City until 5 a.m.
So are they together or what?!Another Question
Well, they sure looked like it. Chatwal was seen kissing Lohan and caressing her neck as he snuggled up with her. Lindsay, who was busy making appearances at the party scene in New York during Fashion Week, left a party at Chatwal's five-star Dream Hotel in Manhattan last week to meet him at his apartment.

Do you think this is a new couple alert or just a fling? Let me know in your comments below.
I personally,hope they are dating for real,cos she sure needs a man,YEA

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