Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One Of Tonto Dike's Bad Habit

For years, this very sexy Nollywood actress has defied conventional dress code, and has told everyone who may have contrary opinion to go jump into the ocean and drown if they don't subscribe to her dress code.
  While her friends and most 'normal' people have wardrobes full of exotic underwear and beautiful attired lingerie, this actress according to close sources "does not own a pair" and "is not missing it.
"This development has worried friends who have openly told her to get into the habit of wearing indies because she is embarrassing herself.
  Infact in an event last week this actress threw caution into the wind as she went half naked, that made people present at the event to start wondering if this sexy lady whose name Social Gossip does not want to put her name in print has any moral at all.
  As a result of her weird stance, she has been pictured in the past with her 'goodies' all exposed to the delight of voyeuristic men. According to a source, "Once, we were at a function, and she knew she had no underwear on, yet she sat with her legs open. Soon, we had a large crowd of men around our table, and they were feasting their eyes on her stuff. We whispered to her that she had exposed herself, but told us to leave her alone, saying that,=they can only look and dream about it - they can't touch or feel=."I was shocked by her exhibitionist tendencies.
  According to the same source, this actress believes that she is the best thing God ever created and since she thinks she has got it all, she is flaunting it big time."I just believe that as a public figure, that millions of people which includes the young ones,(mostly females) look up to, she should exercise decency."

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