Saturday, September 3, 2011

Why Do Ladies Fall For The Wrong Guys?

THIS has been on ma mind for quite sometime now and i decided to share this question with you when i saw the same question ased somewhere.So this is the question,'Why do ladies easily falls in love with guys(players) who prophesies much love and spends little cash on them at the first meet while the real guys who would have loved them truly ends up getting nothing?'......When this guys(players)
gets the stuff inside their skirt or tight jeans, they disappear immediately thereby leaving them to nurse their broken hearts(this one is even better self)..The other kind of these guys are even worse,because after getting in bed with these girls,they now make them their sex toys and even go further to having other girlfriends outside,*more disrespect**smh*.
So i ask why is this?Is it better to be a player and get all the ladies or be a good guy and get nothing?DROP YOUR ANWSER OR SHOULD I SAY FEEL ABOUT THIS,BELOW

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