Monday, August 6, 2012

Make Money From Tweeting

"I am inviting you to create awareness for your products/services using is a Crowd Sourcing, social interaction and engagement application reaching over 300,000 young Nigerian users and still counting. Its approach to marketing is direct and gives real time feedback from its users which I'm a part of.
It is budget based i.e. the campaign can be structured based on the amount of money you are willing to budget for the campaign."
I have read great comments about the service, it is very effective and engaging, and I think it will work for you.
Visit the link below to create your Campaign or contact me for more information.
Click here or copy this to your browser address bar.
Thank You.

Earn money every time you compose a tweet on our platform and it goes out to your Twitter followers.
How nairatweets works
1.Signup to Join Nairatweets
You can sign up by clicking sign up ..
2.Join a campaign
Join any available campaign, we will alert you once when we have new campaigns too.
3.Compose your unique tweets
Compose your unique tweets based on the sample tweets given.
4.Watch your earnings grow
Watch your earnings grow and cashout when your earnings exceed N2000

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