Tuesday, September 18, 2012

William and Kate Wins Court's Injunction Over Kate's Topless Photos

A French court this morning granted an injunction preventing the further publication of the topless pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge. The court hit Closer, the French magazine that first released the photos, with a series of strict punishments for the breach of privacy. Click the link below to see the punishments.

1. Closer must not print any more copies of its controversial issue and take the topless pictures off its website
2. The photos cannot be published in any other magazines or papers in France
3. The photographs cannot be sold by them to anyone else in the world
4. Within 24 hours the offending pictures must be handed over to the Palace
5. Closer would get a 10,000 euro daily fine each time they sell them on or publish them
6. They will receive the same fine if they don't hand over all images by midday tomorrow
7. Legal fees of 2,000 euros handed to the Duke and Duchess
Prosecutors are now considering whether there are grounds for criminal charges
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