Saturday, October 27, 2012

OBANTA Newsday Publisher Escapes Death!•As Armed Robbers Storm His IJEBU-ODE Home•18 Bullets Extracted From His Buttocks

All hell was let loose at a street immediately off Molipa Express way in Ijebu-Ode, in Ogun State a few weeks back, between Friday night and the wee-hours of Saturday morning 28th, 29th September 2012 .

As Armed robbers held the inhabitants of that area to ransom. They had come hard on the people in a way people nobody could fathom and operated at will without being challenged for not less than three hours. Victims, still smarting from the attack are yet to recover from the trauma. They all said these night marauders were armed to the teeth with highly sophisticated weapons.
The Publisher of Obanta Newsday Magazine, Gbenga Aroyewun a.k.a Jiggy-Jagger, one of the victims escaped death by the whiskers as the short meant for his chest miraculously hit him on the buttocks where no fewer than 18 bullets had been extracted.
He is still recuperating from both the physical and psychological trauma suffered. What beats the imagination of all and sundry was where the police, the almost Four hour siege despite G.S.M phone calls made while the incident lasted. The felons were in actual fact so sure of themselves they did not conceal their identities.
According to Newsday publishers, Gbenga Aroyewun, when and how they got into his house, nobody was aware until they heard some-one knock at the door.
When asked who he was, he confidently said, "We are Armed Robbers". According to them, the victims whom they had raided had cooperated but Aroyewun-Jagger put up some resistance. It was infact in his house one of them sustained injuries while struggling with Jiggy.
Before they could gain entrance into his amply fortified edifice, several guy-shots, had been fired into the lounge where the plasma television had is screen shattered as a result of bullets hitting it. The walls of the house were not spared. When eventually they gained entry into the main house, hell was let loose.
Gbenga was beaten to a pulp with a black eye and his buttocks shot. Valuables such as his wife's expensive trinkets, laptops, handsets, a huge amount of money were carted away. One disgusting thing about these dregs of the society was that they had no respect for human dignity and age. The publisher's 90 year-old mother had the door leading to her room broken while she was robbed at gun point of all she had been given by her children as upkeep allowance. Nothing good, it has been observed works in Nigeria.
This occurrence has thrown spanners in the works of virtually all the security agencies in Nigeria more especially the police-force. Efforts of inspector General of Police. M.D Abubakar should be complemented by state Commissioner of Police. Off Molipa Express road where the occurrence took place is not up to a kilometer from the divisional police office in charge of Molipa but several, G.S.M calls at making them respond were rebuffed. As this reporter observed they are yet to visit the victims.
Like every other victim, friends, relatives and professional colleagues have been coming in droves to express their sympathies.
by Jaypei

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