Sunday, January 27, 2013


People who were coming back from work that fateful night in December, about three weeks ago, could not believe their eyes when they saw the dead body of a pregnant woman by the road side in Mpape, an Abuja suburb already slated for demolition.
It was later identified to be that of a lady who lived in the neighbourhood. According to Police investigations, the three men who committed the crime had blocked the lady who was heavily pregnant as she was driving along Berger/ Kwari road. She was about veering off the road at the Gikoko Junction where her Jeep was blocked with a salon car and the robbers asked her to come down and go to the back of the car.Sources gathered that she was subsequently gang-raped by the three members of the gang who took turns to rape her inside the small bush around the area before she died. Her dead body was eventually found along the road. Somehow, the long arm of the law caught up with the rapists as they were escaping with her car. According to the report, obviously they did not know the road through Mpape very well as they faced the road that went into the village rather than following the road that led to Abuja city. Passers-by who suspected something fishy was happening inside the bush had informed the Police and by the time they came, the rapists had left the scene and driven into Mpape proper. They were pursued by the Police and one of them was arrested while the others escaped.

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