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Primate ELIJAH BABATUNDE AYODELE 2013 Predictions•Says "Those Pres. JONATHAN Depends On Will Betray Him

Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele the founder of Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church, has dropped another bomb shell predictions for 2012/2013.

"…God has asked me to warn Ghanaian President Atta Mills not to attempt a second term in office, as he will not survive it. We have been told that his health will not last him another term as Ghanaian president. So, he should be warned"...
"Ghanaian's new President, Mr. John Mahama, will want to contest the next substantive election but there will be a lot of opposition to his desire. Also, many will show support for him but he must be very careful because he does not have a friend now, they are all his enemies. He will win, though but there will be a gang-up against his victory". I also foresee a helicopter crash and death of a governor"...
Above were 3 of the accurate predictions made recently by renowned seer, Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele of INRI Evangelical Alaseyori Church, which is based at Oke-Afa, Ejigbo, Lagos. Below, however, are the latest bombshells from the respected man of God for the year 2013. Excerpts;
"VP Namadi Sambo must not rest on his oars, as enemies are prepared to tackle his political relevance. He must be very watchful.
Senate President David Mark too and Reps Speaker Aminu Tambuwal; I'm not foreseeing their political future so bright. Tambuwal especially, I do not foresee him becoming Nigeria's president in the future. I foresee him running for governorship of his State, though. He must be watchful because his political associates and loyalists will mislead him over some controversial laws the House will be working on soon.
Apart from this, the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) must be very prayerful so that they will not lose prominent members to accidents. Some people will gang up against the creation of more States in Nigeria. The creation of States will be assented to but there will be serious crisis over that.
President Jonathan, insisting on contesting for a return to office in 2015, will create crisis for Nigeria; and the President needs a lot of consultations. I also foresee problems coming for the President from his home base and others he is relying on. There will be elections in 2015 but there will also be serious agitations for secession. People will clamour seriously for separation and disintegration of Nigeria. There will be clamour for both federalism, parliamentary system and the regional system we have practiced in the past. So, there will be a lot of confusion in the land. The election will come up, and Jonathan will have controversial victory. That victory will now cause Nigeria more problems than we ever can imagine.
President Jonathan will be bereaved between 2013 and 2014, I foresee that. All Nigerian First Ladies must pray very well against serous sickness and death. The Nigerian Governors' Forum needs to be prayerful so that they will not continue to lose their members to death. I foresee that all the present Nigerian governors will not finish their terms in office. Some will die naturally, be impeached from office or die from different kinds of crashes. I foresee political turbulence in States like Kogi, Kwara, Benue, some parts of Lagos, some parts of Ondo, Jigawa, Delta, Rivers,Cross River and Abia. I also foresee communal and ethnicity crises in those States I have mentioned and States like Yobe, Kano and Kaduna.
A deadlier sect than Boko Haram has arrived in Nigeria and is planning coordinated attacks that will shock Nigeria. I foresee President Jonathan having a very serious health challenge. His political loyalists will stab him. And they will become his major obstacles. The government will not listen but I can tell you that God says there will be more serious bombings in Nigeria.
The president's wife, Dame Patience Jonathan will have recurring health problems.Natural disasters will claim lives and properties in Nigeria and the world over. Africa where it has not been happening, it will start happening now. Lagos Bar Beach will overflow its bank again and cause serious tragedy. Government, no matter how much money is sunk into it, it will keep happening unless the State government seek the face of God. I foresee famine in Nigeria and there will be money without food to buy. In 2015, there will be political revolution. There will be serious revolt against imposition of candidates into elective offices. Adamu Ciroma should pray for his health. Obasanjo will stop being relevant in politics in 2015. Chief E.K Clark and President Jonathan will fight seriously. Jonathan's return to power in 2015 will not work for the peace and progress of Nigeria. A Minister will resign from Jonathan's cabinet. Okonjo-Iweala will fight with President Jonathan. Bombings will hit the Southwest of Nigeria.
Kidnapping will spread to every part of Nigeria. There will be trouble in SSS. Police will not be able to tackle terrorism but they will want to try their best. The 2013 budget for Nigeria will not affect the country positively and there will more troubles. I foresee plane crashes, and land crashes. The Civil Defence Corps will change their uniform soon. There will be plane turbulence at Lagos Airport.
A Boko Haram very top leader will either be shot dead or arrested very soon. There will be a serious confrontation between the JTF and the sect that will lead to that. The proposed dialogue will not bring Nigeria any peace but will bring embarrassment to Jonathan's government. There will be attempts to bomb petrol pipelines. So, serious efforts must be taken to watch the pipelines. Igbos will not taste the presidency in 2015 and the near future.
Those who are promising President Jonathan an alliance to tackle the opposition will disappoint him. The ACN and CPC alliance for presidency in 2015 will fail woefully.
Asiwaju Tinubu and Governor Fashola will fight seriously and this will create a crack in Lagos ACN against 2015.
Taraba State governor will not be relevant in politics if he returns to Nigeria. Enugu governor Chime should be prayed for to avert death. Kerosene will sell for 150 Naira per liter. Petrol, Kerosene and Diesel will not be there to buy soon. Bread and rice prices will be jacked up. And means of transportation. That will make Nigerians to be more angry at the government. Zimbabwean President Mugabe shpuld pray over his health and there is a gang-up against him. An American Senator will die. I foresee a former African President passing away. I foresee the death of a Nigerian top soccer player. ANTP should be prayerful to avert deaths of members in auto accidents. Atiku Abubakar should forget contesting for presidency. A one-time Ogun military governor will die unless he offers serious prayers. Femi Otedola will be dragged to court. AP will face a lot of crisis. Otedola will be bereaved between 2013 and 2014. NNPC and CBN will be probed. There will be a court case to embarrass Oba Otudeko. Globacom's expansion programme will be hit by crisis. ETISALAT will have management problems. MTN will face expansion problems too and it should watch against running into big debts. CBN Governor Lamido will become an Emir but he must avoid politics so as to realize this dream. Ribadu will be given a higher appointment but he too must avoid politics which will affect his future dreams seriously. One of Dangote's companies will face crisis and Dangote will run into debts unless he is very prayerful. T.Y Danjuma needs prayers too. I foresee OANDO taking serious steps against its major marketers. OANDO will also face a lot of crisis. Mainstreet Bank, GTB, UBA and Zenith Bank will face serious challenges. So, they need to be very prayerful against setbacks. The GMD of Diamond Bank must be prayerful and ask for God's protection against oncoming challenges. He should also be prayerful against losing a very close person. PMAN will have to pray against losing a prominent member. Nollywood too should pray against losing any of its top members. D'Banj will be dragged to court and it will become a bog challenge for him. TuFace will be blackmailed and be cheated. He will lose money in the process. So, the two of them need serous prayers. The music and sports sector need serious prayers. NFF will face big challenges towards the World Cup tournament. Winning the Nations' Cup trophy, God showed me, will be between Zambia, Ghana, Ivory Coast and South Africa and Nigeria. But ego and psychological trauma will deny Nigeria the chance except Nigeria prays well. The Premiership League trophy, I foresee, is between Man U. and ManCity. We should pray against stampede that will cause tragedy in both Nigeria league and Africa league. Enyimba FC needs to pray against confusion and pray for God's guidance to have victory. I foresee an attempt to kill the American President Obama but he will escape the attack. I foresee the America's top secrets being exposed. The royal kingdom of UK should pray against crisis and the Queen should be prayerful too for her health and the Kingdom's stability. The UK Prime Minister will be challenged.
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