Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rapper Ikechukwu & Sarah Ofili Call It Quits

All the babes that have been dying for Ikechuwku can now throw a party cos word on the street is, Ikechuwku & his long time girlfriend/fiancee, Sarah Ofili have called it quits.
Actually sources say that they've been broken up for over 4 months now. There is no official word from Ikechukwu's camp yet, but a friend of someone in Ikechukwu's camp was on twitter today talking about the broken up relationship. His manager also mentioned something to that effect, and we're assuming it's related to the info we have.

Ikechuwku also hasn't said anything via twitter but you know how these things go. He may never say anything sef.

On one hand we're sad to see this great couple break up, but I'm sure awon guys & girls wont be too sad. Both Ikechukwu & Sarah Ofili are hot items in their own right.

The couple were engaged for a very long time. Over a year I think.
by Jaypei

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