Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chezza was 'in dark place' after Ashley split

Cheryl Cole has admitted that she was "in a dark place" after her split from Ashley last year, even though she was all smiles for the cameras.

Speaking to Elle magazine, the Geordie lass explained that it was all just a front, saying: "It's very much a perception.

"Nobody knows what I went through behind closed doors. Nobody knows what it was like when I was on my own.

"Of course I held it together in public. Who wouldn't?"

Well quite.

But despite all the pain and heartache Chezza confessed that she turned down the chance for therapy when Ashley was caught sending sexts last year.

"It crossed my mind," she said. "But I'm not trusting enough to bare my soul to a stranger. I'm lucky that I've got friends and family to turn to."

Yeah... so aside from that interview with Piers Morgan where she, y'know, bared her soul to a near stranger, Cheryl kept it all inside.

She added: "It would be nice to take six months out and go to a mountain top and just meditate, let myself go."

Oh well... she'll probably just have to make do with a penthouse apartment in LA with Derek.

What do you think? Will Cheryl leave London for the glitz and glamour of LA? Leave your comments below...

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