Thursday, March 31, 2011

Breaking Dawn Honeymoon Pics Leaked and Tweaked!

As we are sure you Twi-hards already noticed, about a dozen scandalous Breaking Dawn honeymoon pictures of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were leaked early this afternoon. And, man, were they good!
Until, they were quickly, and we're guessing for production reasons, taken down.
Regardless, the snapshots were frisky and the hottest we've seen from Robsten yet. For those of you slowpokes who didn't get the honeymoon sneak peek we can vouch...and describe.
HURRY: Check them out here until they're gone for good!
Kristen riding Robert in bed, nose-kissing on their wedding day and even cuddling over Bella's precious baby bump!
It was all laid out there for you guys (and us) to drool over.
There were even some dramatic pictures of Edward carrying an injured Bella and of the two of them gazing into each other's eyes as they sit on the floor. I mean, the true love exuding from these photos was just mind-boggling.
Issue is, some made us double-take for all the wrong, unbelievable reasons.
Question is: Were these actual photos or were they video stills? Or both? The powers that be that protect all things Breaking Dawn are still trying to determine, we're sure. But don't count on nuthin' from Summit. Folks there are saying bubkes, per usual.
Regardless, the "photographer" of the shots had basically morphed K.Stew from a vampire into an elf in one picture where she and Rob were standing a few tense feet apart. Her face looked too pointy and her body was bigger than usual. Not to mention Rob was sporting a creepy, totally tweaked smile.
Still, of those realistic-looking photos, it was the sex scenes that looked the most authentic. And that's all everyone really cares about, right? Those seemed legit and hot on so many levels, right? We're told yes on the first pondering. Everybody knows the answer to the second!
WATCH: Rob spills about Breaking Dawn

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