Tuesday, January 4, 2011

She'll catch her death... Gaga heads out in her pants for a spot of retail therapy

Paris, like London and the rest of the UK, is currently experiencing The Big Freeze but try telling Lady Gaga that.

She wasn't about to let a layer of snow and temperatures of -7C get in the way of a shopping trip in the French capital or her wardrobe choices.

So what to wear? Hmmm, so many choices. Chanel? Dior? Gaultier? Givenchy?

Don't be ridiculous. Instead, LG opted for fishnets, a rubber jacket, fetish collar and a very cheeky basque-style bodysuit. She teamed that little lot with a pair of towering platform boots. Bet they kept her steady on the icy Parisian boulevards.

How long can she keep the crazy outfits up for is anyone's guess but two years into her career and the creative juices are showing no sign of drying up just yet. Maybe her plan for 2011 is to go all post-modern on us and start wearing jeans and flats? What a horrible thought.

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