Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What? This old thing?

OK, I know it's terribly controversial to say anything even bordering on negative about Johnny Depp but seriously? What's with the threads?

Yes, yes, I know he's (a) famous, (b) a thesp and (c) ridiculously good looking, which obviously means you can get away with a lot more than Joe Average in the wardrobe department but is the 47-year-old having a mid-life crisis?

And don't be fooled into thinking that he just threw those things on. From the cowboy-inspired get -up he wore at the press conference for his new movie, The Tourist, to the bandana/beanie/tattoos combo he was snapped in at an American football match over the weekend – a huge amount of thought went into both errrm, 'looks'. Waaaay too much thought. And none of those three neck scarves are keeping him warm either.

Now, I'm not suggesting he should start embracing fleeces, comfortable footwear and all things beige but seriously, there comes a point in anyone's life (including famous types) when you just can't get away with dressing like someone half your age and that time is now Johnny.

Maybe his current co-star could have a few words? After all, Brad Pitt is exactly the same age as Johnny and we doubt very much she would let him out of the door looking like that. Over to you Ange.

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