Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Justin Bieber's Haircut a Career-Saving Look?!

Critics in the Twitterverse have compared Justin Bieber's haircut to Samson's strength-sapper,  Keri Russell's Felicity-killer and, most cruelly, early 21st century Aaron Carter.
But what if the 'do was the opposite?
What if it was just what the kid needed to power up after a down week?
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We ran our idea by Allison Ellis, the kid- and teen-marketing expert. She didn't disagree, calling the style reboot a "really good move."
"This is somebody who needs to do something in his career," Ellis told us, "and I applaud him because he didn't go on the pole."
Ellis said it's tough to pinpoint, but she thinks Bieber's tween-idol powers might have peaked not at the much-watched Grammys, where he lost his mojo along with Best New Artist, and not in the much-discussed Rollling Stone interview, where his views on abortion prompted Crawdaddy! to declare he had "committed career suicide," but quietly and without incident a couple of months ago when "the buzz kinda stopped."
Until the haircut.
Last we checked CNN's Website, the story about you-know-what was the third-most popular article in all the hard-news universe.
Think of it, a 16-year-old boy's grooming habits were right up there with turmoil in Libya and the booking photos of the Tucson shooting suspect.
Guess who's got his buzz back? Guess who's got us forgetting who Esperanza Spalding was again?
Teen-idol careers may come with expiration dates, but show-biz careers go on and on for the savvy.
Now, who's ready to see the rerelease of a movie that was just released?

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