Thursday, March 17, 2011

Anderson Cooper Too Radioactive for Playgirl—but How Does Jake Gyllenhaal Figure In?

When it comes to Anderson Cooper, Playgirl has decided to play nice.
With the globe-hopping CNN stalwart on the (radioactive) ground in Japan reporting on the earthquake-tsunami-reactor triple whammy, the beefcake-happy mag had been offering big bucks for pics of his naked bod—or rather was.
Would you believe Jake Gyllenhaal changed the magazine's mind? Let us explain.
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The whole tasteless offer was hatched Tuesday by Playgirl rep Daniel Nardicio, who let it be known the magazine was offering $10,000 to anyone who could provide a nude photo of the Silver Fox for the magazine's list of the "Top 10 Guys We Want to See Naked" feature for its upcoming issue.
"He's got this charisma that a lot of our readers are attracted to," Nardicio told Popeater. "Plus now he's all muscled, [so] he's not only smart but also hot. Both our male and female readers love Anderson."
Coincidentally, the bounty on Cooper's junk came just a few days after Jake Gyllenhaal made headlines when an overly aggressive fan followed him into a bathroom at a movie premiere in Austin, Texas, and tried to snap a picture of him at a urinal. Reports of a scuffle ensued. We can safely say the actor was pissed.
After sleeping on it, Nardicio apparently had a change of heart at the thought of some enterprising shutterbug harassing the CNN anchor, especially as he tirelessly toils in Japan.
The Playgirl honcho now exclusively tells E! News that he's decided to deep-six the idea and retract his offer.
"I got some guys who claimed they had pics of Anderson's goods, but then I did a gut check and the whole affair seemed unseemly," Nardicio said.
And yes, Gyllenhaal's recent urinal run-in influenced his decision.
"I changed my mind and took the offer off the table, considering Anderson is in Japan reporting and in light of the whole Jake Gyllenhaal urinal stalker," he added.
We'd say good move.
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