Friday, March 4, 2011

Dave Annable & Odette Yustman: Two, Maybe Three Kids

The baby bug is sure hitting Hollywood hard!
Another celeb couple who's been bitten? Brothers & Sisters star Dave Annable and wife Odette Yustman.
The newlyweds tell us there are plenty of little ones in their future…
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"We're both so excited to have children," Yustman gushed at Elton John's Academy Awards viewing party in West Hollywood. "Family is No. 1 for us. Dave is a little more ready than I am right now, but [in] a couple years."
"I think you can only say you're ready," added Annable, "but then the reality of it is something quite different."
"Yeah, especially 'cause I have to have the baby!" Yustman quickly quipped. "We want a big family. We're going to try to have two, and if the third one slips in then OK."
As for how life has changed since they tied the knot last October, "You know, for some reason we feel more mature," Yustman said. "And we don't argue as much. Insecurities just seem to fade away."
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