Friday, March 4, 2011

Is Kendra Wilkinson Down for Some Same-Sex Dirty Dancing?

Now that the Dancing With the Stars season 12 contestants are getting loose with their partners at practice, preparing for what is to be yet another dramatic and public dance-off, we are already holding out for E! hottie Kendra Wilkinson to take it all. Is that being too partial? Who cares.
But we have a particular reason to root for our girl: We hear from impeccable sources that Kendra originally wanted a girl partner! How hot and unconventional is that? Bristol Palin would not have been down, we're so sure.
Girl-on-girl twisting and turning? Now that would skyrocket the ratings, producers. We can already hear the ex-Playmate's obnoxious yet cutesy chuckle going crazy while she cha-chas with some hot broad. Well, that was until...
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Kendra's rep shut her female fantasy right down. Shocker!
Turns out that the stars on the show don't get a choice, or voice, in who they're partnered up with. Totally explains some of the feistiness between Maksim Chmerkovskiy and some of his partners!
But anyway, we heard on very good authority that Kendra was considering how cool and fun it would be to get a gal partner. Too bad it's against the rules.
Given, we're pretty ticked off that she won't be salsaing with some hot mamacita on the dance floor since Kendra's the only reason we will watch this season. Well, aside from watching Kirstie Alley fall face-first during practice. Love that game honey.
But as far as Kendra goes, we say let the girl pick her poison. We think Kendra's a shoo-in for the DWTS title, and she should win it alongside a smoking-hot girl since she loves them so much, right?
Sorry, we won't let it go, rep refusal and all. Plus, her hubby, Hank Baskett, is so cool we're sure he would encourage a same-sex dancing partner.
Can't wait to see the babe's moves, whether she's rubbing up against a male or a female.
VIDEO: See what else Kendra has to say about DWTS!

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