Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Has Alexander Skarsgård So Outgrown Kate Bosworth?

A new promo for True Blood season four has emerged where the gorgeous Alexander Skarsgård, sans shirt, looks sexier than ever. Of course, you've seen it, we all have
Trust, Skarsgård is red hot right now, (heck, the entire promo was just to show off his bod), but we can't help but notice that the star seems to be rising considerably beyond the fame of girlfriend, Kate Bosworth.
So really, what has Kate done since her Blue Crush days?
Because you know what happens in Hollywood when one star leaves another behind...
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They break up. Which, unfortunately for you Skarsgård-devotees, has not happened yet with this odd duo.
But don't let that mean we aren't getting a tad suspicious.
After all, this über-private couple began dating shortly after A.K. was cast in True Blood, and his role on the show has catapulted him to sexy stardom.
As for Kate? Well, we can't seem to remember her for anything besides her Blue Crush wetsuits.
Let's look at Hollywood history. Remember how Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin split suddenly after Mila became an A-list It Girl?
Or what about Jessica Simpson? The gal conveniently divorced Nick Lachey right when her career lit up.
Bottom line? Hollywood has a mini-caste system and celebs rarely date outside of their elite circle.
There are exceptions to this rule, when one partner decides to let the other have all the fanfare and they stay home, cash the checks and get nannies for the kids.
Actress BFFs Rita Wilson and Kate Capshaw both did this to great effect with their husbands, Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. Jada Pinkett-Smith did it for a while. But, the weird thing with Kate and Skars is that they're not even married, at this point, so not a good sign.
Especially for celebs who are climbing the lethal Hollywood ladder at distinctly different rates. Generally, the only place they make it in this town is Splitsville.
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