Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is Lindsay Lohan Changing Her Ways?

Calling all crazies!
The world may be coveting Charlie Sheen's tiger blood, but Lindsay Lohan knows it's her time to shine.
Lindsay's goal? To show us and her annoying and stubborn judge just how much she has her life together!
So how do you make over your life when you're battling multiple DUIs, a stolen necklace case and possible jail time?
VIDEO: It's not the judge's first time lecturing Lindsay!
Ya go back to your roots, just as Lindsay's doing! (And we don't just mean her hair. Although, dying it back to red can't hurt.)
Lohan flew back to New York to spend time with her family and escape the L.A. scene. But that's not the only thing LiLo is doing to try to change things around. Let's break it down.
She has also:
1. Dumped Her Agency: Linds kissed Creative Artist Agency goodbye today in favor of joining International Creative Management. In 2005, the gal ditched Endeavor for CAA in hopes of landing more A-list roles. Since Linds loves pointing the finger, this move was done in true Lohan fashion. Of course, the agency is to blame for Lindsay's less than stellar career. CAA says they're calling back today on their Linds status report, can't wait!
2. Quit Smoking: Nothing like a solid break from alcohol and cocaine to inspire you to quit cigs! Lindsay reportedly quit lighting up last week and now works out with a trainer every morning to kick the cigs. While we applaud anyone who says goodbye to the filthy habit, we find it very hard to believe Linds replaced all cigarettes with a workout. Maybe someone needs to remind her there are few trainers available in Hollywood at 3 a.m.
3. Stayed in Denial: No use dealing with the woes of your life if you can simply wait until April 22! Remaining adamant that she is so not guilty in the now infamous, stolen necklace case, Linds is so confident that she is, in fact, preparing to go to trial.
If Lindsay really wants to make over her life, she needs to quit pointing fingers and start taking responsibility. Has she ever wondered why it is she's constantly having these courtroom battles, law-breaking accusations, and rehab and jail sentences (at taxpayer expense) thrown at her?
The common denominator appears to be that Lindsay screwed up, yet again, and she always blames somebody else. But guess with parental figures like Michael and Dina, nobody stopped to teach Ms. Lohan how to fess up to her own mistakes.
That jewelry store set her up, right? That employee at Betty Ford did the same thing, right? Ms. Lohan (and her PR-loving parents, always) screams yes to both counts and that she is an innocent woman.
Not buying it. Go to jail, Linds. Get it over with.
Besides, that would be a great place to stop smoking.
VIDEO:  Hear the judge's latest lecture for Linds

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