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Is Rebecca Black's "Friday" for Real?

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When a song is too good bad to be true, then we start to wonder: Well, is it?
Is Rebecca Black's YouTube and iTunes hit, "Friday," an honest attempt at a pop anthem—or is it a Funny or Die-esque joke on us all?
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"I guarantee Ark Music Factory doesn't exist as some well-planned experiment in Schadenfreude."
That's Gabe Meline, a music journalist and editor for who put together the most complete report out there on the teen-recruiting record label behind the song that has listeners debating its qualifications as a "musical abomination."
"They're actually serious about it," Meline told us.
Likewise, Monica Herrera, news editor at, says the song, which reminds that Sunday comes after Saturday, is legit—as in real, not real good. "I'm sort of inclined to believe there's something genuine about it," she tells us.
The curious thing is that as "Friday" has blown up—it's even found its way to the playlists of Glee's powers-that-be—the people behind it have been (mostly) silent.
Our emails to Ark have not been returned, and, as best we can tell, company execs haven't granted any interviews, although Meline said he did have email contact with Clarence Jey, who has been credited with cowriting the "fun, fun, fun, fun" chant.
At least an unverified Twitter account in Jey's name has offered up a reaction to the song's surprising success: "Fritunes top 100.... Pariah Pop just found a," went a tweet on Wednesday.
As for Black, ID'd on Ark's Website as a 13-year-old "female" from the "United States," about the only thing we've heard from her is this faux "interview" on YouTube. (For what it's worth, there's also an unverified Twitter account in Black's name."What originally was just a fun little project turned into so much more," one tweet reported.)
Why all the mystery? Herrera thinks Ark is trying to keep things interesting; Meline thinks the company is enjoying "five more minutes in [its] allotted 15 [before becoming] a total joke."
One thing's for sure. "Friday" is not Will Ferrell's idea of a funny.
As a rep for the comic's satiric Website told us, "Funny or Die had nothing to do with it."
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