Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kendra Wilkinson to Dancing With the Stars Judges: Stop Talking About My Boobs!

Listen up, Dancing With the Stars judges.
Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett may have gotten her start at the Playboy Mansion, but that doesn't mean she wants to be known for her boobs in the ballroom!
Read on for what the E! reality star exclusively told us during our weekly chat—everything from her famous knockers, what's causing her so much pain in practice and where she plans on putting that mirror-ball trophy if she wins the whole dang thing...
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Are you nervous about being voted off first tonight?
I'm definitely not nervous about the first elimination. I have faith that my fans voted me through, and I feel like I did a little bit better than a couple people [laughs].
Len Goodman made a comment about your boobs during judging. Do they get in the way of your dancing?
Absolutely not. I think my boobs are the perfect size. I don't understand how he's commenting on my boobs and not Wendy [Williams]'s boobs or Kirstie [Alley]'s. We all have big boobs! That's just the way it goes. I think he's just being funny, and I even saw him on Jimmy Kimmel last night talking about my boobs again. I'm like, "What is it about my boobs?" Just because I'm a Playboy girl they have to use my boobs as their little attack weapon thing.
Your pals Hugh Hefner and Holly Madison have both been in the audience cheering you on. How does that feel?
It feels good. It's nice of them to come and support me. It's awesome. It makes me feel good. Makes me feel like they're all still there for me.
Being a self-proclaimed tomboy, you've played a lot of sports. Would you say dancing is harder?
I don't really work on posture in sports, you kind of have to be bent a little bit more bent...With dancing, you have to hold your spine up straight. It's something I've never in my life done before. And having a baby now, it's definitely taken a toll on my back. My back is in so much pain after having the baby; it's always been.
Is your back what's causing you the most pain?
Yeah, my back is definitely the hardest. My back is in so much pain, but I'm just trying my hardest to just stay calm and relaxed during the dances.
Lastly, if you do make it all the way to the end and win, where would you put the mirror-ball trophy?
I think I'd put it in my son's room because it'd be because of him that I survived and got through it and everything. Or we just bought a new house, so we'd have our own room for it. We'd have like a memorabilia room...Or that will be our Christmas tree every year!
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