Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Let's Cast The Hunger Games! Who Should Play Gale Hawthorne?

We're expecting an announcement soon from Lionsgate about which actress will land the coveted role of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games.
Monday we asked if you all thought Alex Pettyfer (who says he now has the script) was really best to play the role of Peeta, and now we're curious as to whom you all would pick as Gale Hawthorne...
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Gale, who has olive skin, black hair and gray eyes is Katniss' best friend.
Whoever they cast as Katniss will clearly impact who they cast as Gale, considering the two need to look like they can be related, even though they're not (totally cool the book!).
Like all young-adult trilogies, there has to be a three-way love story, and in this one, Gale has a crush on Katniss and is not too fond of Peeta, like at all.
We'd say Hawthorne is an idealist. He's a hunter, so he has to be strong and tall, but still thin (he is starving, after all).
The first name thrown around has been Thomas McDonell, who reportedly read the script a little bit ago.
Too bad Andrew Garfield isn't a teenager, because, physically, we totally think of a younger version of the Social Network star when picturing Gale.
Or what about Teen Nick star and Brittany Snow's ex-boyfriend Ryan Rottman? Guy's a total dreamboat, and physically, we could see it.
Then there's fan favorite Adam Gregory from 90210.
But really, it all depends on who lands Katniss. If it's Hailee Steinfeld (even though we want Troian Bellisario), who's the top choice among you all and who is most buzzed about in the rumor mill, who do you think should play Gale?
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