Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lindsay Lohan's Nude Mini: Nothing to Hide?

Good news for fashion lovers and trainwreck watchers! Today wasn't the last chance to get a glimpse of Lindsay Lohan's questionable courtroom wardrobe choices.
The actress rushed in to her plea-deal hearing half an hour late this morning, wearing what looked like a nude latex mini with black tights and stiletto booties.
While the dress seemed inappropriately sexy for the proceedings, could Lohan have picked the skin-tone shade to indicate she's got nothing to hide? After all, she refused to plead guilty—leading the judge to schedule a pretrial hearing for April 22. (Mark your calendars!)
Legal wranglings side, what does the law think of LiLo's fashion choices?
Criminal defense attorney Alec Rose tells E! he doesn't think the nude mini was a smart move:
"It's not the right outfit to wear to court. It can send a message to a potential jury pool or, more importantly, the judges who are deciding whether to cut you a break that you might not be taking this very seriously. You want to be humble, you want to respectful to these people. You don't want to show your mind is on other things."
Not to worry. With a potential trial approaching, it looks like Linds is gonna have plenty of time to figure out how to dress responsibly.
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