Saturday, March 12, 2011

Please! Help Those in Need—Not Charlie Sheen

There's no doubt Charlie Sheen needs help. His father says so, his old bosses say so, and we say so.
As entertainingly nutso and offensive as he may be (he clearly has a debatable problem with misogyny and anti-Semitism), the man's proven he's got the power. On Twitter. On the news every night. Everyfriggin'where.
So we say with not a little nudge that perhaps Charlie should take this newfound rebel power and...
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Really help those who are in need—just as much, if not a whole lot more, than him.
Countless people have been devastated by this earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and many more will be suffering for a long time to come. And Charlie's bitching about needing a job, right? Why doesn't he ditch the tag-a-long trip to Haiti, which Scarlett and Sean so have already covered, and really help the tsunami victims recover?
A cryptic tweet is one thing, but Charlie's got the world's attention right now. Why the hell not really put it to some good use, besides entertaining the crap outta us, that is.
Charlie could match every 50 cents to the dollar, and you could be in his Big-Hearted Goddess Club, or something. Or if he really is broke, like he keeps screaming, hey, he could just get people to donate.
Think about it, C.
Readers, want to help but don't know how? Go to The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to see what you can do.
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