Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ryan Reynolds vs. Scarlett Johansson Scoreboard: ScarJo for the Win!

Last time we checked in with our favorite exes turned photo-flirting competitors, Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson were neck-and-neck in the documented PDA department.
What with Ry showing of his hot German Bebe model of a girlfriend, Agnes Fischer, on his South African movie set, and Scarlett foot-caressing Sean Penn's crotch over a Cuban meal, it was looking like one dirty tie.
Well, update those numbers because ScarJo just blew Ry right out of the water—and with class—thanks to a smart strategy.
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How'd she pull it off? With one A-list wedding date that will erase all that divorce heartbreak (and Ryan's points), right Scarlett?
Not only was Sean the beauty's date to Reese Witherspoon and agent Jim Toth's wedding, but ScarJo is one giant step in the so-over Reynolds direction.
Supposedly, a friend close the bombshell says Sean and Scarlett bonded over their failed relationships, as we predicted even before that first documented date at Versailles restaurant was leaked.
With Scarlett and Sean working together to help Haiti and taking those quickie trips to Mexico, Reynolds is pretty much out in the dust, and out of Scar's heart for good.
So, while Johansson is falling head over crotch-massages for her 50-year-old rebound, Ryan has been working on his career. How boring. He is officially still tied to his next comic-book movie Deadpool.
Fitting, since Ryan is now in dead last on our scoreboard.
The friend that dished to Hollywood Life about the Scar's new Penn romance claims the babe likes the much older man a lot. Figures, older guys are generally more reliable than the pretty boys. But for how long, huh? Especially with an established player like Penn?
Still, the source went on to say that Sean was very mature (just what Scar needs), and, "She seems to be falling head over heels. She's forgotten about Ryan and is all about Sean."
And Johansson totally proved it this past weekend.
Scar's no dummy. She is well aware that a public debut like a star-studded wedding is grounds for one heck of a win.
Well played, doll! Let's hope for a rebuttal from Ryan some time soon.
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