Wednesday, March 30, 2011

TV Update: The Groff Returns to Glee!

Ian Somerhalder, The Vampire Diaries Quantrell Colbert/The CW

We don't use the term "OMG" very often, but hell, sometimes situations come along that warrant those three letters and an exclamation point.
OMG! Remember all those times we said that Jonathan Groff is popping back up on Glee this season? He's back in Los Angeles at this very moment, hanging out with Lea Michele and just being his angelic self. It's true, we saw them at dinner last night. More importantly, has more news on his return, and Finchel fans might want to brace themselves before checking out the scoop...
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Sources tell that Jesse St. James is back to apologize to Rachel, and maybe even try to win her back. Not sure how he'll pull that off after the whole egging/switching teams fiasco last season. Then again, it's the Groff! Like we said, Jonathan has been spotted back in Los Angeles, so we could only assume he might be filming very soon. We leave you with this magical idea: Darren Criss/Jonathan Groff sing-off. Who wins?
The Vampire Diaries: Executive producer Julie Plec went on a crazy Twitter spree, giving out spoilers, much to the delight of the fans. Among things revealed: another flashback is coming, Caroline is "probably safe" this season, we will meet Klaus in the April 21 episode, and Bonnie will be facing the most danger. Oh, and here are some Damon and Stefan promos to tide you over until the return of TVD. Eight more days!
The Good Wife: Comedian Sarah Silverman will appear in an episode in the end of the season. is reporting that she'll play Stephanie, the owner of a type website, only it's for people wanting to cheat on their significant others. Isn't that heartwarming? Lockhart has to defend her in a civil case after a cheating husband is found dead, and the plaintiff is blaming Stephanie.
Mad Men: Show runner Matt Weiner released a statement to Mad Men fansite Basket of Kisses about the recent drama surrounding the show's renewal. He tells fans he is "fighting for the show," and clears up the details of his paycheck and cast firings, among other things. OK, now that that's all cleared up (right?), we can move on to guessing which year we'll land in when Mad Men returns in 2012. Will we be in 1968 already? Because that was a groovy year...
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