Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Who Would Dare Reject Bradley Cooper?!

Even Hollywood superstars get shot down sometimes. Just ask Bradley Cooper.
The Limitless star told me last night, at the movie's NYC premiere, about getting totally denied:
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Entry into a prestigious college, that is.
"I got rejected from Georgetown in high school," he said at last night's NYC premiere.
But now B. Coop is totally getting the last laugh, since he tried again and managed to make the cut.
"And then I reapplied again and got in," he finished.
Now he's a Georgetown grad and a major movie star, who's dating another celeb—and the rest is history.
Bradley attended the premiere sans Reneé Zellweger last night, and instead he mingled with castmates Robert De Niro and Abbie Cornish at the afterparty at Buddakan.
Also rolling solo to the soiree was Justin Long, who didn't look too upset that his ex-girlfriend Drew Barrymore just so happens to be in the Big Apple with her new man Will Kopelman.
Probably the DeLeon tequila that was being served helped dull any post-split pain he might have been feeling?
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