Monday, April 18, 2011

Bachelorette's Ali Fedotowsky Gets Head Stapled, Lives to Tweet About It

Who knew Ali Fedotowsky was a head banger?
The ex-Bachelorette star did some serious damange to her pretty noggin over the weekend during a kayaking adventure that could have turned out much worse had her  hunky fiancĂ©, Roberto Martinez, not been present...
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"Ali and Roberto had a little mishap when their kayak capsized this weekend," the reality star's rep tells E! News. "Ali was taken to the hospital and had five staples put in her head. Roberto was fantastic, he kept her calm and took great care of her. She is doing fine, and actually off to work this morning."
In fact, Fedotowsky documented her misadventure via Twitter. Things started out innocently enough with the tweet: "Kayaking in La Jolla with @BlairAlbanese, Travis and @RobertoMJr"
But just four hours later, things took a turn to the dangerous...
"Made it out of the ER w/staples in my head & a little less hair after falling out of a kayak. Scary stuff. Wearing a helmet next time," Fedotowsky tweeted.
"I think I freaked out more when the doctor cut my hair rather than when he put staples into my head. Lol. Very thankful to be ok :)"
Martinez jumped in with his own tweet, calling it an "eventful day."
"Thankful Ali is ok. If you see a Kayaker in La Jolla with my motorcross helmet on, you'll know who it is," he wrote.
Despite the bruises and new hardware in her skull, Fedotowsky still felt strong enough to return to her job as a correspondent for Fox 5 in San Diego today, tweeting that she managed some hair trickery to hide the damage.
"Thanks so much everyone for your concern. Big headache, but managed to hide staples with hair part and I am back at work this morning :)"
What a trouper.
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