Monday, April 18, 2011

Charlie Sheen's Double Play—and We Ain't Talking Goddesses!

Mr. Truth Torpedo is aiming for a new target tomorrow.
Charlie Sheen's minions are facing a hectic day in Los Angeles-area courtrooms, where he's facing dual cases—one over two little boys, and one over Two and a Half Men.
Here's how things break down...
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One Sheen lawyer, Mark Gross, will be dispatched to family court in L.A. to do battle with Sheen ex-wife Brooke Mueller in their tug-of-war for the former fun couple's 2-year-old twins, Bob and Max.
Earlier this month, Sheen and Mueller had reached a settlement to share custody, but with Mueller engaging in some erratic behavior the past few days, Sheen is insisting on taking over full custody. Mueller, however, insists that if she is subjected to a drug test, Charlie should be tested as well.
Meanwhile, Sheen pitbull Marty Singer will be tangling in a Santa Monica court with lawyers for Warner Bros. and Two and Half Men creator Chuck Lorre in the latest salvo in Sheen's  $100 million lawsuit over his firing from the hit sitcom.
Sheen wants the case to be heard in open court. Warners and Lorre, citing a clause in Sheen's contract, want the matter handled privately by an independent arbitrator.
As much as we'd love to sit in the gallery for a showdown between Sheen and his former bosses, up to now, the rulings have favored Warners and Lorre. It seems likely that barring a major reversal in court tomorrow, the proceedings will take place behind closed doors.
Sheen will have to rely on the savvy of his lawyers, as he'll 3,000 miles away at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C., for the latest stop on his wacked-out tour.

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