Saturday, April 2, 2011

Five Biggest Movie Bombs of the Year (So Far…)

Sucker Punch Warner Bros. Pictures
When director Zack Snyder's $82 million Sucker Punch got decked last weekend, it was but the latest in a long, sorry line of 2011 box-office disappointments.
Here are five major releases that, as things stand now, are the sorriest:
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Mars Needs Moms ImageMovers Digital LLC
1. Mars Needs Moms: The animated family film cost a reported $150 million. Three weeks in, it's made a measly $33.8 million worldwide, perhaps cost producer Robert Zemeckis his proposed Yellow Submarine redo, and made Hollywoodistas rethink the infallibility of animated family films. Other than that…
Drive Angry 3D Summit Entertainment
2. Drive Angry: Nicolas Cage doesn't detonate as many bombs as you may think. The Sorcerer's Apprentice? Season of the Witch? Both budget-beaters. But when this 3-D exploitation flick opened in late February, it undeniably went boom. Since then, the $45-$50 million movie has grossed just $15 million worldwide.
Take Me Home Tonight Ron Batzdorff/Relativity Media
3. Take Me Home Tonight: At first, it felt wrong to pile on this 1980s-celebrating Topher Grace comedy. After all, could great or even good things really be expected from a film that collected dust for four years?! But then we noticed the reported budget was not insubstantial (in the neighborhood of $20 million), remembered its release was not insubstantial (it opened in 2,000-plus theaters), and saw that its take to date was—insubstantial, that is ($6.8 million).
The Dilemma Universal Pictures
4. The Dilemma: Vince Vaughn plus Kevin James plus director Ron Howard plus a reported $70 million budget is supposed to add up to more than $67 million worldwide. (The craziest part of this new math? Right now, The Dilemma is Hollywood's 11th "biggest" "hit" of the year.)
The Eagle, Channing Tatum Focus Features
5. The Eagle: Wait… Where's Sucker Punch?! Why isn't Sucker Punch on this list?! Because, like a Gilbert Gottfried joke, it's too soon. So, for now, we are awarding temporary custody of its spot to this sword-and-sandal flick, which has been a nominal money-maker ($28.5 million worldwide and counting off a $25 million budget), but got beat out by a cartoon turtle in last weekend's U.K. box-office debut.
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