Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Scarlett Johansson "Not Pregnant" but "In the Shape of Her Life"

Calm down, kids, Scarlett Johansson is not, we repeat not, pregnant with Sean Penn's baby.
Kind of a bummer that there won't be any little Pennlett's running around (yet) but for now, ScarJo's rep confirms that the actress is "not pregnant" and is, in fact, in the "best shape of her life."
So what exactly was up with that less-than-flattering (and totally random) jogging photo?
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Too much Cuban food, perhaps?
"Scarlett is not pregnant. She's outside running, and it's simply the placement of her shirt that is misleading," a rep for Johansson tells us. "She was followed and photographed for over 20 minutes and I'm sure there are other photos in the ‘series' that show and prove that she is not pregnant."
With tons of projects in the works, we don't think ScarJo even has time to think about babies!
"She's been training for The Avengers for over four months and is in the best shape of her life," ScarJo's rep confirmed to us.
Can we see those photos, please?
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