Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Teen Pregnancy Pays for Bristol Palin—Guess How Much She Earned as Abstinence Ambassador?

Most unwed teen mothers who become pregnant their senior year of high school can expect years of financial hardship as they find their way in the world while raising a kid.
Not Bristol Palin.
The now 20-year-old daughter of former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin earned a whopping $262,000—yes, you read that right—for acting as an ambassador for the Candie's Foundation raising awareness about teen pregnancy prevention.
Guess it pays to get knocked up!
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The massive figure comes from tax documents obtained by the anti-Palin blog Palingates, which lists the compensation as the amount Bristol has earned since she was hired to be the organization's spokeswoman in 2009.
And aside from all those speaking engagements (at least the ones not getting canceled), let's not forget the thousands Palin raked in for making it to the finals on last season's Dancing With the Stars.
Glad to hear Bristol's cashing in on her newfound notoriety. We just wish her Candie's ad with The Situation wasn't so dreadful.
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