Monday, August 22, 2011

'The Glee Project' winner: Samuel and Damian get 7 episodes of 'Glee'

It's been a long road, but Oxygen's "The Glee Project" has come to an end -- and despite several sites reporting Samuel as the only winner, he actually shares the prize with Damian. Self-described "hopeless romantic" Samuel Larsen and Irishman Damian McGinty will both be featured in seven episodes of "Glee" in Season 3.

The consolation prizes are pretty good as well. Alex and Lindsay scored two episodes each, so they're certainly not going home empty handed. Lindsay will play a "bad girl," but other than that, we're still waiting on specific details about their characters.

Ryan Murphy spoke to TVLine about "The Glee Project" before the winners were announced. He said, "The person that we ended up picking is not who you would expect, but is so talented that it's really inspired us as writers. The person who wins is not necessarily the best singer or the best dancer. It's the person who can serve Glee best. What kind of character did we need for next season? That's the person who won."

Apparently, the kind of character they need for next season is... four. If Murphy's interview is to be believed, at least one contestant will show up in the season premiere to audition for New Directions in an unconventional way.

We're thrilled that we'll be seeing all four finalists on the show in Season 3. They've proven that they have the talent and the star power to sing alongside the current members of the Glee club.
What do you think of Murphy's final decision?

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