Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kim Kardashian Without Her Ring

I figured Kim Kardashian would eventually have a Popeye-sized bicep on her left arm from constantly hauling around her kiwi-sized engagement ring, cos thats what most newly married do,but i was wrong. But she admits the sparkler isn't glued to her digit, and people shouldn't draw any conclusions by its absence(isn't that suspicious?).

She said,"I don't wear it to work out," Mrs. Kris Humphries tells WWD. "I was leaving the gym ... and I didn't have my ring on and there was all these photographers taking pictures and I said to my sister, 'Just watch, Kourtney. You will see a story [with the headline], 'Kim Without Her Ring. Trouble in Paradise."(she must have psychic powers,lol)

Kim says she often sees women at the gym with their earrings and jewelries on, but "I can't do it." She also needs to be bauble-free at bedtime: "For some reason, I need it all off."

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