Wednesday, October 5, 2011

One Problem Of Some Of Our Universities

School life na wa o...Advise to y'all better investigate about the environment of a school before even thinking of writing their exam not to talk about paying their school fees..
Imagine one dump fellow going to pay school fees,at the same time buying form for the same school(how dumb can somebody be?).When the banker heard that he wants to do the two processes at once,she just said“na wa o,so them they pay school fees before exam self,lol"...I guess this must have been what he has heard about the school...

Another thing happened,a girl(aje),was just crying,saying“y will they send me to this school,look at the stress of registration when the real school life has not started",i one laugh kill myself(lol)..
One very bad thing i've notice in some universities,private mostly is that they admit excess student more than they can carter for...Imagine after buying one form #10,000,then after submitting the filled form,someone writes the exam and passes but they give you a course that you didn't even put as second choice not to talk about first choice,and they will have the guts to tell you that you've been admitted,mstchwww.I just tire for their attitude,not to talk of the public once that break students heart year after year.Imagine after you suffer to get 282 in jamb you still have to write another exam called post utme.That's not even the problem,after you write and get 52 in post utme,you still can't find your name in even second list of admitted students,what do they expect the child to do?Imagine what a student told me when i was still trying to enter one of these Nigerian federal universities,he said,“Kai see as students just they waste time they read book and write exam,when they are some people sleeping at home and their name will still be in first ten of the admission list".Just imagine the mind set some of these universities have inconcated indirectly in some of these youngsters.While the brilliant once are being rejected,just because they can,t afford the bribe money.They are the ones contributing to the popularity of the saying that“An idle or frustrated mind is the devil's workshop...
All i have to say to them is that they should mend their ways and find solutions to this depressing situation.

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