Monday, January 30, 2012

Video: DeSagana Diop with the worst free-throw miss in NBA history

DeSagana Diop has been in the NBA since 2001. He's a professional that is paid to play basketball and, occasionally, shoot (if not make) free throws. Making 8 of 10 puts him at the top of the line at his position. Missing half isn't great, but it can be overcome.
This, from Saturday's game against the Washington Wizards, cannot be argued away:

We all make mistakes. I'll toss in one typo for every 400 words published. I'll confuse "than" and "then" in a tweet. Missing a free throw like this, though, is like me attempting to write the word "their" and instead typing "L:JKWEFKIYJBillyJoel^^%$^BLWF&."

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