Saturday, April 28, 2012


1. Be paid N1,500 for each person
you invite to register as
Netcontacts member

2. Be paid 10% of wholesale cost
of Netcontacts PINS, whenever
any person you invite orders PINS
3. Are you looking for job?
Netcontacts will look for available
jobs vacancies for you and will
contact our members in different
companies to give you job.
4. You are looking for life partner
(husband or wife)? Netcontacts will
help you, get connected to your
dream husband or wife.
5. You are planning to travel
abroad for any reason such as
business, education and to stay
etc? Netcontacts will hellp you
actualize your dream, by giving
you every assistance such as
connection, money, and
information etc.
6. You are organising events such
as wedding, parties, traditional
marriage, birth day and burial etc.?
Netcontacts will assist you to invite
our members to attend and we will
equally give you gift.
7. You want loan to start business,
go school, build house or buy any
property? Netcontacts will provide
you with loan that you might not
pay back yourself
8. You are a student in any
Nigerian tertiary institution who
looking for friends from other
schools, wants to visit other
schools, or needs help such as a
place of IT or TP, vacation job,
loan, scholarship, hostel
accommodation, job after
graduation, accommodation during
NYSC, traveling abroad after
graduation ? Netcontacts will help
9. You are looking for any property
to buy such as: lands, houses, cars
etc. or accommodation vacancies
to let/lease etc.? Netcontacts will
get you the best available offers in
any town/city within Nigeria at the
cheapest prices .
10. You want to relocate or travel
to any town/city within Nigeria, but
you do not have any body to
accommodate you or to stay with
in that town or city? Netcontacts
will arrange temporal
accommodation for you in that
town /city.
11. And more... register for free
trial today
Now click the below link to
register for free trial, but if it is not
a link, then copy it to internet
address bar to register:
For enquirers and support
Phone: 08101172175
Click here to see the benefits

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