Friday, April 27, 2012

BIZARRE!!!Woman gives birth to a 38cm worm

IN a case of suspected witchcraft, a 38-year-old woman from Bulawayo's North End suburb gave birth to a 38cm long worm on Sunday morning. The woman, Ms Anna Mbizi, was five months pregnant when she allegedly experienced labour-like contractions and gave birth to a worm in her bathroom.
The bizarre incident happened on Sunday and her boyfriend has reportedly abandoned her.
When reporters visited her at her home yesterday, she seemed weak and was holding what was left of the worm, which was placed in a tin.
She said she was shocked when her doctor told her that she was not carrying any baby in the womb and her tummy was mysteriously growing big with no baby inside.
"I am still short of words because I consulted my doctor when I was two months pregnant and was told everything was normal. This was going to be my third baby and I think someone bewitched me," said Ms Mbizi.
She said she suspected that one of her neighbours who owed her $150 was behind her misfortune.
"I really thought I was five months pregnant as I had all the signs and symptoms of a pregnant woman. When I experienced the pains, I thought I was going to miscarry but was shocked when a worm came out," said Ms Mbizi, who separated from the father of her two children.
"My boyfriend was not supportive enough since he learnt of this incident and I am afraid he is going to leave me. He really wanted a baby and now that I delivered a worm I am not his favourite person."
She said her neighbours had advised her to put coarse salt on the worm so that she is not cursed again.
"I put salt on the worm and it shrinked, changing to a liquid like thing and as you can see there is some blood in the residue," said the emotional Ms Mbizi.
The woman's friend, Ms Tafadzwa Shumba, confirmed that her friend had problems with a neighbour over the debt.
"Anna and the woman who owes her $150 have for some time now been exchanging harsh words. They used to threaten each other every time Anna went to ask for the money," said Ms Shumba. Ms Mbizi's doctor, who runs a surgery in the city centre, confirmed the incident.
"The case is very unusual as I also examined the woman after the alleged incident and could not find any baby. The situation left us to believe that the worm had been acting like a baby.
"I examined the woman three months ago and she appeared to be two months pregnant but when she came back on Sunday night nothing indicated that she had been pregnant although there were signs of strain on her uterine tissue," said the doctor.

Story by NaijaPals

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