Monday, August 6, 2012

Congrates KEAGAN,The Celebration continues

For the past ten hours after announcing South Africa’s Keagan as the winner of Big Brother Stargame, all corners in South Africa are filled with celebration for having won the game for the first time.

For  seven seasons of Big Brother Africa Stargame, South Africa had not got any winner despite being the hosts of the game not until yesterday that their seventh representative emerged the Star.
It was  a  long journey for Keagan but all what we have to say it that the South African lad came to the House with luck which must have enabled him to be the winner.
It should be remembered that in the Big Brother history, it was Keagan who won the Head of House seat for many times. He won it three times in both Houses(Downville and Upville) totaling to six regimes  of leadership in the game.
His being the Head of House in Upville helped him survive the evictions as he  saved himself for the two times he was nominated.
Becoming   a winner of the US$300,000 is  a great achievement for the 22 year old South African lad together with his former partner  Lee and their country at large.
At the moment, we believe that he is a very happy man  because his bank account has been topped up with more zeros ….
Once again we have to say congratulations to the African boy and  to thank Africa for making him that BIG.

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