Sunday, October 7, 2012

Arrest Made Over The Murder Of 4 UNIPORT students

I've gotten confirmation from a reliable source that the Chief of Aluu community has been arrested and is in police custody.
There are also reports that at least 12 others have been arrested and more arrests will be made in the coming days.

Meanwhile, the deputy registrar of University of Port Harcourt, Williams Modi, said the school will issue a statement once they get all the facts - I.e, the true identities of the victims and what actually transpired on the day of the reported incident.

I also heard that people living in the environ of the community have started fleeing the area to avoid being arrested.

The story I got was that the Aluu community said they killed these boys because they stole. Students said they were killed because they stole laptops and phones,that that's what the people who killed them said.

But since then, I've heard different versions of what happened on that Friday morning...Below is another version...which suggests the boys didn't steal the phones and laptop but took it by force...

After hearing and reading other versions of the unfortunate story,they people responsible for their death had no reason to take the law into their hands...Even if they stole,though i'm not trying to say stealing or any form of criminality is good but they would have allowed the appropriate authorities handle it. If this case is not taken up there would be more of this occurrence and the excuse would be the same,"They stole". Please let's stand against such criminality for the future generation.

The right to life is a fundamental right!
by Jaypei

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