Monday, December 31, 2012

About A New Vaginal Disease Affecting Babes•It's Called BLUE WAFFLES Disease

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There has been circulation about this mysterious disease named 'Blue Waffle'.
Some say that it is real while others say that it is just a mystery name. No medical institute has proved and accepted the presence of such a disease and the questions of its existence seem debatable. There is also the circulation of a photo which shows a disoriented vagina (you are not advised to look at it). As you can see from the name Blue waffle disease it is not at all a medical term. So whether it is real or not, we are not sure about. All we have as information is hearsay which is being circulated on the internet without any proof.

What is blue waffle disease?
It is a disease that is said to affect the vagina and giving an inexplicable pain and making the affected person to suffer in agony. When the disease sets in it is said that the shape of the vagina becomes totally disoriented and looks in a pathetic condition. Some say that the Blue waffle disease is nothing but a similar condition of vaginitis.

Symptoms of vaginitis
As we know that the disease is similar to vaginitis it would be better to look at its symptoms which are also in common with the Blue waffle.
1) Vaginal inflammation
2) Itching in the area (near or around vagina)
3) Discharge of a fluid with a foul smell
4) And in some cases it might change the skin's color to blue.
In the last symptom it is mentioned that the color of the skin changes into blue although it does not happen in all the cases, however the change in color is a possibility. And may be because of this particular reason of color change the disease is called as Blue waffle. Another interesting fact over here about this disease is that all the symptoms mentioned here are common to any sexually transmitted disease.
So babes check for these symptoms,if you notice any of them go to your doctor.
by Jaypei

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